About the Florida Club League

The Florida Club League (FCL) was founded in 2020 and is a 501 (C) (3) not-for-profit organization registered in the state of Florida.

Florida Club League is dedicated to providing the best soccer experience in the state of Florida. FCL will always strive to provide the highest level of competition for members throughout the state. Alongside fellow Club Directors and leaders, we will continue to grow the perception of soccer competition and will have a place for players of all abilities.

Our Mission
The Florida Club League’s mission is to provide an opportunity for youth to develop and grow in our community through participation in athletic competition. Our goal is to provide a welcoming, enjoyable, safe, and competitive environment which will assist in the development for children of all skill levels. Our goal is to create the most competitive league structure with tiers that will provide the most success for our members and community.

Our Vision
To be Florida’s premier youth soccer league where all teams can play and develop regardless of race, creed, sex, ability or economic status. We strive to develop and prepare our clubs for the future. We pledge to give back to our members in the form of player development, business development, coach and referee education, and provide financial aid platforms for the membership community.

Our Values

Safety: FCL will always make the players health and safety a priority in all decisions that are made.

Accountability: Every FCL member club will be measured meeting league standards as well as contributions toward improved player development for growth of the game.

Collaboration: FCL will encourage collaboration and cooperation between clubs in developing programs and promoting the best interests of players and the game.

Commitment: FCL will work with clubs to develop programs which appeal to all players of all skill levels and will encourage lifelong connections between the clubs, players and the game.

Competition: FCL will facilitate the highest competitive leagues throughout the state of Florida while focusing on the best interest of each member club.

Education: FCL promotes a holistic approach to the player and parent education, with best in class resources available to promote club, coach, referee, player education and development, as well as player health and welfare. The key to player development is coaching development – better coaches develop better players, and better clubs develop better coaches.

Integrity: FCL will act in a fiscally responsible and businesslike manner in everything it does.

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US Club Soccer will foster the growth and development of soccer clubs throughout the United States to create the best possible development environment for players of all ages in every club.

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The National Premier Leagues (NPL) is a national competition platform created to elevate and change the competitive youth soccer landscape by: extending developmental principles espoused by U.S. Soccer into more age groups and clubs. linking competition with player development and identification platforms.


To help enhance the quality and coverage of its events, the Florida Club League announced a partnership with tech company Veo. Veo is the portable and affordable solution that helps soccer teams record and analyze matches, as well as training sessions, without the need of a camera operator.  For more information on the partnership, click here