Florida Club League Committees

Protest, Discipline & Ethics (PDE) Committee

BOD Member  Augusto Granados & Sean Bubb

Office Staff: Jen Seamann

Club Members:

  • Jonny Burns (Florida Celtic Bolts)
  • Danny Fahey (Florida West)
  • Laurie Thomas (Springs)
  • Eoghan Conlon (Lakeland)
  • Gerson Penza (FESA)

Tournament Committee

BOD Member:Eric Sims & Scott Armstrong

Office Staff: Lori Trautmann

Club Members: 

  • Joey Messina (Space Coast United)
  • Jimmy Angles (FKK)
  • John Scotty (FESA)
  • Giles Barnes (FC Highland)
  • Marcelo Radice (Key Biscayne)
  • Bobby Sauer (Orlando City)

Rules & Competition Committee

BOD Member: Scott Armstrong & Augusto Granados

Office Staff: Lori Trautmann

Club Members:

  • Nel Hayes (Tampa Bay United)
  • Denise Brown (Florida Premier FC)
  • Danielle Fotopoulous (Florida Premier FC)
  • Paul Shaw (Orlando City)
  • James Harris (FC Prime)

Player Development Program (PDP) Committee

BOD Member: Scott Armstrong & Hue Menzies

Office Staff: Lori Trautmann 

Club Members: 

  • Tricia Taliaferro (Tampa Bay United)
  • Adam Declario (Next Generation SA)
  • Adam Gee (Palm Beach Gardens Predators)
  • Toni Pressley (FC Highland)
  • Eric Clermont (Florida Premiere)

Referee Committee

BOD Member: Hue Menzies & Sean Bubb

Office Staff: Lori Trautmann

Referee Assignors:

  • Mike Amato
  • Biilly Rivera
  • Nirav Pandya
  • Ken Gibbs
  • Malcolm King

Scholarship Committee

Florida Club League Office:

  • Lori Trautmann
  • Jen Seamann
  • Jane Benner

Promotion/Relegation Work Team

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