Florida Club League Request for Membership Application

Application for New Members

Florida Club League membership application is now available. Each club applying for membership should carefully review the Basic Requirements for Membership (see application) to ensure that the club is willing and able to adhere to all of requirements for membership.


Any soccer club applying for new membership to Florida Club League (FCL) or any of the leagues managed by FCL must complete and properly submit the entire membership application. If a club has previously applied, it must submit an updated application along with any additional materials to best describe the current state of the club.


Upon receipt of a Club Membership Application, Florida Club League’s Executive Director will evaluate club applications using objective and subjective measures.  The Executive Director will solicit feedback on the club's application from current FCL member clubs.  Based on the evaluation, the Executive Director will make a recommendation to the FCL Board of Directors (the Board) and the Board may accept or deny Club Membership at their sole discretion.

Steps in the Application Process:

  • Applying club MUST be a current US Club Soccer sanctioned club (you do not need to register players or teams at this time, but your club must be accepted by US Club as a member club prior to applying)
  • Submit online application & required attachments
  • Initial club call with FCL Executive Director
  • In-person club visit from Executive Director OR current FCL member club.
  • Solicitation of feedback from current FCL member clubs on applying club
  • Review of application by Executive Director to FCL Board of Directors
  • Membership decisions made by FCL Board of Directors
  • Accepted club to sign FCL membership agreement


Clubs applying for membership can submit applications between January 15, 2022 to February 28, 2022. Notification of acceptance or denial will be received by March 31, 2022.

The FC Executive Director and the FCL Board of Directors reserves the right to evaluate applications from clubs in strategic growth areas outside of the stated application window.


Existing Florida Club League Member

If your club is already a member of Florida Club League, you're eligible to apply for ECNL/RL and NPL leagues.

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