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Game Day Procedures

To be Florida’s premier youth soccer league where all teams can play and develop regardless of race, creed, sex, ability or economic status. We strive to develop and prepare our clubs for the future. We pledge to give back to our members in the form of player development, business development, coach and referee education, and provide financial aid platforms for the membership community.

Home Team Responsibilities

  • All fields should have team benches (ECNLR & NPL– should also have tents, water/Gatorade-see minimum standards)
  • Central Check in area: Tent and/or table close to fields for away team to check in
  • Fields should be properly lined
  • Schedule time in TGS/GotSport
  • Provide and pay current year licensed USSF referees (home team)
  • Provide FCL Game Card (with both team rosters) to the center referee located in TGS or GotSport
  • Provide referee with current year ECNLR or US Club Soccer player passes for each player and team official.

Visiting team responsibilities:

  • Provide referee ECNLR or US Club Soccer player passes for each player and team official
  • Have a copy of official FCL Game Card if needed by the center referee

Each manager should have the following at every game

Home team Responsibilities:

  • Coach or manager sign the Game Card following the game
  • If no red card is given, the home team holds onto the Game Card until the end of the season
  • If a red card is given, referees follow Red Card Procedure and hold onto the Game Card – this requires immediate action from the center referee and manager from home club. (Home Club must take picture of match report and email it to the League at [email protected] after the game)
  • Post score within 24 hours in TGS and/or GotSport
  • UPLOAD an image of the Game Report into TGS and/GotSport

Visiting team responsibilities:

  • Coach or manager must sign the Game Card following the game
  • Coach or manager to fill in after game accountability form

Please follow the steps below to print the match cards.

  • Login to TGS And Select the Team Role- https://admin.totalglobalsports.com
  • Select your team
  • Select Events
  • Select Your Event Name
  • Select Roster on the left-hand navigation
  • To the right of the game under the column heading Set/View click the Select link
  • Click the checkbox next to each player that will be playing in the game
    • If you are borrowing a player from another team within your club select the tab for Club Player Pool. This will show a list of all eligible players that are not on another match roster for that same day.
  • Once the roster is set click back to the roster game list and select print.

***Printer settings may vary so you might need to adjust the settings for your printer

Log into your Toal Global Sports Team Account.

Log In Link: https://admin.totalglobalsports.com

(If you have multiple teams that you manage select the correct team.)

On the left navigation select Statistics

Here you will see Event Info, Game Info, and Teams & Venue.

Select the pencil icon for the game you would like to Report Scores for


Standard Policy

Home Team: light shirt, light socks, any short | Away Team: dark shirt, dark socks, any shorts

In event of a conflict the AWAY team will be required to change 

Two Game / Travel Weekend

Game #1 (Saturday) – Home Team: light shirt, light socks, any short | Away: dark shirt, dark socks, any shorts

Game #2(Sunday) – Home Team: dark shirt, dark socks, any short | Away: light shirt, light socks, any shorts

In event of a conflict the AWAY team will be required to change 

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