Press Release: Florida Club League Releases League Structure for Its Inaugural Season

WINDERMERE, FLORIDA (May 8th, 2020) — The Florida Club League is excited to announce its league structure for the 2020/21 season.

In edition to facilitating the ECNLR, The Florida Club League (FCL) will provide three additional levels of play for soccer competition in the state of Florida.

At the state level FCL has created the Florida Club League One. FCL One will consist of the top preforming clubs in the state of Florida. This state-wide travel league will provide some of the top competition in the state with clubs located throughout Florida. Clubs must meet certain standards and qualifications through an application process to participate. This league will hold competition for boys and girls ages U13-U18/19.

At the regional level, FCL has created Florida Club League Two. FCL Two will consist of top preforming clubs in the state that have been identified through an application process and will have to meet certain standards as well. This competition will be broken into regions across the state of Florida. The main focus of this league is to target the top clubs in each region (North, South, East, West, and Central). This league was created for clubs to have the opportunity to cut down travel for their members and play locally with some opportunities for state-wide competition. The majority of the schedule will be made up of teams located in each division of the state. This league will hold competition for boys and girls ages U13-U18/19.

After year one, FCL will implement promotion/relegation between FCL One and FCL Two.

One of FCL’s core values is to provide competition for players of all ages and abilities. FCL has created a specific league to cater towards to U9-U12 age group. This league will be the Florida Club Development League. Clubs will be placed in divisions that best fit their needs with close collaboration from their Club Director’s.

Florida Club League anticipates to kick off the inaugural season this fall. For any questions or inquiries about our league, please email: [email protected].


About the Florida Club League: The Florida Club League (FCL) was founded in 2020 and is a 501 ( C ) (3) not-for-profit organization registered in the state of Florida.

Florida Club League is dedicated to providing the best soccer experience in the state of Florida. FCL will always strive to provide the highest level of competition for members throughout the state. Alongside fellow Club Directors and leaders, we will continue to grow the perception of soccer competition and will have a place for players of all abilities.