Red Card Report

Abrv. Description Sanction
E Enters/Re-enters field of play Caution ONLY
L Deliberately leaves field Caution ONLY
FRD Fails to respect req. distance Caution ONLY
UB Unsporting Behavior Caution ONLY
DT Dissent by word or action Caution ONLY
PI Persistent Infringement Caution ONLY
DR Delays restart of play Caution ONLY
DGP Denies opportunity in penalty area - Attempt to play ball Caution ONLY
AL Offensive, insulting or abusive language 1 Game
AL2 Offensive, insulting or abusive language directed towards a Player/Official/Spectator Sanction determined by commitee
2CT Second caution in same match 1 Game
SFP Serious Foul Play 1 Game
DGH Denies opportunity by hand ball 1 Game
DGF Denies opportunity outside penalty area 1 Game
DGP2 Denies opportunity in penalty area - No attempt to play ball 1 Game
S Spits at opponent or other person 2-6 Games (passed onto US Club)
VC Violent Conduct 2-6 Games (passed onto US Club)


All red cards are subject to disciplinary examination and may be assessed additional games according to severity and repetition. All decisions are final and not open for appeal or subject to change.

Red Cards 2021/2022 Season

LeagueGame DateGame #Age (birth year)ClubPlayer NamePass NumberJerseyInfractionSanctionSuspension update
NPL Boys8/29/20214202006West Florida FlamesSearls, D23007277AL1 gameServed suspension
9/18/20212532522005Braden RiverStrahinja, G7VC3 gamesServed suspension
ECNLR9/18/20212530332008ParklandDiaz, A62CT1 gameServes suspension
ECNLR9/18/20212532512006Braden RiverRueping, N1VC4 gamesServed 1 game 9/19, 10/2, 10/3
League 2 Boys10/3/20215552004/2003PBSAKennedy, Z13Served suspension
League 2 Boys10/3/20215552004/2003PBSAKennedy, A CoachServed suspension
10/2/20211262011TBUAyah, A Coach2CT1 gameServed suspension
9/29/202125972006FESACasanova, D45VC4 games
9/29/202125972006FESAMoberly, R 99VC4 gamesServed suspension
10/17/20212498212004/2003WellingtonRichards, A VC3 games Served 1 game 10/23, 10/24
9/26/2021402006Key Biscayne Leon-Ballon, D 2587004VC3 games
9/26/2021402006Key Biscayne Ruiz, A 2393068VC3 games
9/26/2021402006Key Biscayne Mannarino, S 2587009VC3 games
9/26/2021402006West Florida FlamesRodriguez, L 1346946VC3 games Served suspension
9/26/2021402006West Florida FlamesYoung, T 1342103VC3 games Served suspension
9/26/2021402006West Florida FlamesMacDonald, J 1216737VC3 games Served suspension
10/24/20212004/2003WellingtonHernandez, I 2CT1 game
10/24/20212532182007FL PremierHebb, L 23 games

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