Red Card Report

Abrv. Description Sanction
E Enters/Re-enters field of play Caution ONLY
L Deliberately leaves field Caution ONLY
FRD Fails to respect req. distance Caution ONLY
UB Unsporting Behavior Caution ONLY
DT Dissent by word or action Caution ONLY
PI Persistent Infringement Caution ONLY
DR Delays restart of play Caution ONLY
DGP Denies opportunity in penalty area - Attempt to play ball Caution ONLY
AL Offensive, insulting or abusive language 1 Game
AL2 Offensive, insulting or abusive language directed towards a Player/Official/Spectator Sanction determined by commitee
2CT Second caution in same match 1 Game
SFP Serious Foul Play 1 Game
DGH Denies opportunity by hand ball 1 Game
DGF Denies opportunity outside penalty area 1 Game
DGP2 Denies opportunity in penalty area - No attempt to play ball 1 Game
S Spits at opponent or other person 2-6 Games (passed onto US Club)
VC Violent Conduct 2-6 Games (passed onto US Club)


All red cards are subject to disciplinary examination and may be assessed additional games according to severity and repetition. All decisions are final and not open for appeal or subject to change.

Red Cards 2021/2022 Season

Notified Club?LeagueGame DateGame #Age (birth year)ClubPlayer NamePass NumberJerseyInfractionSanctionSuspension updateNew/Updated
NotifiedNPL Boys8/29/20214202006West Florida FlamesSearls, D23007277AL1 gameNew

2020/2021 Red Card Roll overs (Florida Club League)

 LeagueGame DateGame #AgeClubPlayer NamePass NumberJerseyInfractionSanctionUpdate/New
NotifiedECNLR4/25/20211821022004Chargers SCJoseph, S14AL22 games
NotifiedECNLR4/25/20211821022004Chargers SCLeamont, H1DGH1 game
NotifiedFCL13/7/20211867022004FC PrimeMarmolejo S408468122CT1 gameServed 1 game on 2/21/21; 2nd game served 2/28; 1 game remaining; updated 3/5
NotifiedFCL14/7/20211869502007FC PrimeLabrador, B4079289VC2 games
NotifiedECNLR3/7/20211820252002/2003FC PrimeMunson, J39812413VC3 games
NotifiedFCL14/24/20211908782002/2003Florida Certic SCConnell, B1043024223AL22 gamesSuspension update
NotifiedFCLD10/17/20201941052007Florida EliteBeck, N372813222CT/UB1 game
NotifiedFCL210/25/20201981132006Florida EliteOliver, L357734652CT1 game
NotifiedFCLD3/13/202122365320002/2003Florida ElitePerking, W43022214VC4 games
NotifiedFCL23/13/20212222462004Florida EliteGolic, R42748215SFP1 game
NotifiedFCL24/10/20212205132007Florida ElitePerry, R348571CoachAL23 games
NotifiedFCLD4/22/20212238702007Florida ElitePhan, P882CT/UB1 game
NotifiedFCLD5/8/20212240742004Florida EliteGjural, A35996458VC3 games
NotifiedFCLD5/8/20212240742004Florida EliteHipp, B42766919VC3 games
NotifiedFCLD5/16/20212005182152Florida EliteCasapao, A35VC2 games
NotifiedFCL23/23/20212205382007Florida HawksHelms, H1004790313VC2 games
NotifiedFCL24/13/2021224092002/2003Florida Kraze KrushJacobs, A70DGF1 game
NotifiedFCL210/24/20201983032005Florida PremierLopez, E393552282CT1 game
NotifiedFCL210/31/20201993252006Florida PremierYehundi, S349259n/aAL22 games
NotifiedFCL24/10/20212222982004Florida PremierKrol, C92CT/UB1 game
NotifiedFCL24/10/20201/2222982004Florida PremierTsalickis, M22DOGSO1 game
NotifiedFCL14/17/20211866382004Florida PremierDixon, G9VC2 games
NotifiedFCL14/17/20211868442006Florida PremierMontenegro, M422CT1 game
NotifiedFCL21/31/20211983272007Florida Premier FCAguero, L4038084AL22 games
NotifiedFCL13/27/20211872542002/2003Lakeland TropicsSeiler, D101272582CT1 game
NotifiedECNLR11/14/20201921122004Miramar United Elite FCHazelton, F3426062AL23 games
NotifiedECNLR12/5/20201922542006Miramar United Elite FCSosa, M34404582CT1 game
NotifiedECNLR12/5/20201928672002/2003Miramar United Elite FCCardoza, A297779422VC2 games
NotifiedECNLR3/28/20211921442004Miramar United Elite FCLondono Navia, K342832272CT/ UB/ PI1 game
NotifiedFCL13/28/20211866912004Miramar United Elite FCCadenas, N45AL22 games
NotifiedFCL23/26/20212223492006North Manatee SCRodrguez, JCoachAL22 games
NotifiedFCL24/18/20212224372002/2003Palm Beach SAMcKinley, I10455992Coach2CT/DT/UB1 Game
NotifiedFCL210/18/20202069822002/2003Tampa Bay UnitedGuerrero,G28164592CT1 Game1 game served on 4/3; one game remaining
NotifiedECNLR11/7/20201924062008Tampa Bay UnitedGarzon, C36124472CT1 gameServed 3/14
NotifiedECNLR3/21/20211921332004Tampa Bay UnitedPino, J3732293DGF1 game
NotifiedFCL13/13/20211870032007Tampa Bay UnitedJimenez, J29766915VC2 gamesServed 3/27, 4/17
NotifiedFCL14/17/20211870092007Tampa Bay UnitedMulcare, E1DGF1 Game
NotifiedFCL14/17/20211870092007Tampa Bay UnitedMulcare, E0DGF1 Game
NotifiedFCL14/17/20211872662002/2003Tampa Bay UnitedParra, L81VC3 games
NotifiedFCL15/2/20211872622002/2003Tampa Bay UnitedAlvarez, P99361CoachAL22 GamesServed 1 game on 4/17
NotifiedFCL15/2/20211872622002/2003Tampa Bay UnitedPortillo, A9AL23 Games
NotifiedFCL29/26/20201982682007Tampa DynamoRangel, M1038473911VC3 games
NotifiedECNLR5/16/20211821522005Wellington SCLohmann, H15VC2 Games

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