FCL Academy (U11/12)




TGS Instructions

Listed below are the Florida Club Leagues game day procedures. Please check this page for updates and additions as the season progresses.

Home Team Responsibilities

  • All fields should have team benches (ECNLR & NPL– should also have tents, water/Gatorade-see minimum standards)
  • Central Check in area: Tent and/or table close to fields for away team to check in
  • Fields should be properly lined
  • Schedule time in TGS/GotSport
  • Provide and pay current year licensed USSF referees (home team)
  • Provide FCL Game Card (with both team rosters) to the center referee located in TGS or GotSport
  • Provide referee with current year ECNLR or US Club Soccer player passes for each player and team official.

Visiting team responsibilities:

  • Provide referee ECNLR or US Club Soccer player passes for each player and team official
  • Have a copy of official FCL Game Card if needed by the center referee

Each manager should have the following at every game

Home team Responsibilities:

  • Coach or manager sign the Game Card following the game
  • If no red card is given, the home team holds onto the Game Card until the end of the season
  • If a red card is given, see red card procedure – this requires immediate action from the center referee and manager, home club.
  • Post score within 24 hours in TGS and/or GotSport
  • UPLOAD an image of the Game Report into TGS and/GotSport

Visiting team responsibilities:

  • Coach or manager must sign the Game Card following the game
  • Coach or manager to fill in after game accountability form

Please follow the steps below to print the match cards.

  • Login to TGS And Select the Team Role- https://admin.totalglobalsports.com
  • Select your team
  • Select Events
  • Select Your Event Name
  • Select Roster on the left-hand navigation
  • To the right of the game under the column heading Set/View click the Select link
  • Click the checkbox next to each player that will be playing in the game
    • If you are borrowing a player from another team within your club select the tab for Club Player Pool. This will show a list of all eligible players that are not on another match roster for that same day.
  • Once the roster is set click back to the roster game list and select print.

***Printer settings may vary so you might need to adjust the settings for your printer

Log into your Toal Global Sports Team Account.

Log In Link: https://admin.totalglobalsports.com

(If you have multiple teams that you manage select the correct team.)

On the left navigation select Statistics

Here you will see Event Info, Game Info, and Teams & Venue.

Select the pencil icon for the game you would like to Report Scores for

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